About Gerald

This would be basically of 5th blog that I’ve created. In the past, I’ve felt that I never had the correct angle for content that would be interesting to readers and hence I gave them all up. This is the first time I’ve put in the effort to create a site that would allow me to share my love of video games (primarily) amongst other things.

I do love a fair amount of tech, and all manner of geeky lifestyle (R2-D2 Xbox? Yes please!). Currently, I am constantly poisoned by Kickstarter. Le Sigh. Love the startup-esque scene, hate the international shipping prices.

Gerald is..

In day to day, I’m basically in the thick of social media. I think my current job is rather awesome, but I’d be happier playing games and poorer if not for ‘adult’ responsibilities.

Not too long ago, I used to work at an amazing video game store that allowed me to experience the video game industry first hand and meet plenty of great people. And I still do thankfully. Qisahn.com is a great place to work at and if you are in the need for cheap video games, that’s the place to head to in Singapore.

In the between school and now, I’ve had worked in various industries ranging from banking to even construction. Social media and the thrill of the “sell” says that I’m more in tuned with Marketing.

I do hope that through this blog I am able to provide a honest, non-biased perspective on stuff that I feel is worth a look.

In the past, I have contributed to youth.sg and in more recent times have contributed articles to gx.com.sg and nogamenotalk.com

Reach out to me via chan [AT] grld.ch

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