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Non-functioning DLC codes stirs up a hornet’s nest

Region codes, no matter the form, will always cause confusion to the everyday joe. Even more so when you’ve made a legit purchase and just want to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Injustice, a newly released fighting game featuring DC characters, suffered a small hitch when it was launched in Singapore. The physical game came in Region 2 (Europe) while downloadable content in the form of codes, only worked for Region 1 (North America) and Region 3 (Asia) versions of the game.

What made customers really angry was that only the most premium customers, those who bought the collector’s edition of the game, were affected. If I were part of that crowd, I’ll be ever ready to grab my pitchfork and torch.

Upon realizing that the code did not work, most people head to where their voice would be heard the loudest: Social Media

Here’s how the event played out:

New Era (the distributor of the game) via their marketing arm/gaming magazine, Gamers’ Choice Magazine, announces their boo-boo.


Jon Ang is someone you just don’t want to piss off, the dude loves his games.

New Era pretty much gives a reply that tries to absolve themselves of all blame.


Might have worked in the past but these days it just goes to show how little you know about your customers.

But I will have to say unlike some companies, New Era did make the effort to rectify their error. Yesterday, a page went up on their site to help affected customers set things right.


With an apology no less! So I guess once the angry gamer has been placated, all’s well right? From my experience, I’m pretty sure it would leave a bitter taste in the customer’s mouth which would stave them off or cause them to think twice before getting a product from New Era in the future.

Redeem your R2 codes for Injustice here

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