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Uber Singapore limo service review – Android edition

I had just read about the new Uber limo service that is in like super secret beta mode in Singapore while on my ride to work in the morning and by evening I was in one to help ease off the Monday blues.

While many of the screenshots that you see in various reviews are based off the iOS version of Uber, the Android version isn’t as polished but it still gets the job done.

The iOS version of Uber has the HOLO feel to it. Android? Nah.

I was at SGH, so the best landmark in that area was actually the Ministry of Health. I also had no idea how much it would cost for me to get home but Twitter and Darryl were on hand to save the day.


Thwarted by the solid iOS app again.

As there were no limos in the vicinity, it took me 3 tries before getting hold of any available vehicle. 14 minutes later, the limo arrived, exactly the estimated timing that was provided via the confirmation SMS.

The limo itself was a Mercedes E Class by the looks of it. The driver, Cher Joon, shook my hand and opened the car door for me. Exactly the same awesome feeling that one would get when received at the airport. I bet if he had more time, I would get a board with my name on it even!

During my ride home, I learnt that on a good day there would be a healthy number of fares and the driver worked a solid 12 hour shift. Try driving for a full day while keeping a smile on your face is by far not an easy feat.

I was mentally calculating the fare in while chatting with the driver. I observed that rarely did the speeds dip below 18km/h (our transport network is a tad too efficient) so we were pretty much on track to meet the estimate cost of the ride.

And true enough the moment I got out of the cab, my bill had arrived. The price? Close to twice of what I would have paid for during peak period and three times during off peak.

So right now, Uber has my credit details, mobile phone number, my exact address and email address. Talk about data farm.

Overall, it was an awesome experience trying out Uber for the first time. While the cost would be a deterrent for cost conscious Singaporeans, I’m sure plenty are willing to pay top dollar for one during a downpour. While still in ‘beta’ it remains to be seen if Uber is able to cope with an increased volume down the road.

I sincerely hope that the service remains in Singapore and hopefully adjust their rates slightly downward to make the local taxi operators sweat their competition.

Grab the app here:


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  • Darryl Kang

    I think they are getting out of beta soon. They are having a media event on Thursday 🙂

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