Published on February 3rd, 2013 | by Gerald Chan


Bioshock Infinite Countdown

After the less than stellar performance of Bioshock 2, I’m approaching Bioshock Infinite with a degree of caution. While the first Bioshock was amazing, the second was a tough act the follow, here’s to hoping that third’s a charm for Infinite.

From what’s I’ve read all over the Internet so far, it’s a total whole new series. While not exactly fresh in the sense of gameplay and abilities, it seems that the overall flavour of the game has changed dramatically as we now journey from the depths of Rapture to the soaring skies of Columbia. A new slate calls is a creative license to start all over again!

I’m honestly pretty saddened that Big Daddy-esque enemies no longer seem to be part of the game, it was always fun to lay down a gauntlet of traps to take one down. In Bioshock Infinite, the AI seems to be focused on more AI controlled grunts rather than a singular boss enemy. While bosses still exist, I assume that they would be scripted set pieces rather than turning a corner and finding yourself staring down the Big Daddy porthole.

Despite all my reservations, the latest trailer for Bioshock Infinite has upgraded the status of this title from a “Keep a look out” to a “Day one release purchase”. It’s really looking good and here’s to hoping that it will live up the all the hype!


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Bioshock Infinite has a tentative release date on 26 March 2013 in Singapore.

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  • Edward Pang

    The second game was not made by Irrational, and was simply a quick cash-in by 2K to exploit the first game’s popularity.

    • Gerald Chan

      Not to mention the awful multiplayer

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