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Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook Review

Ordering the Evernote Smart Notebook was the easy part, it arrived earlier than expected via FedEx which took no more than 3 days to reach from Hong Kong. So if you are considering getting Moleskine notebooks without leaving the comfort of your home, online might be a better option. Maybe it could have been the Christmas season hence the extra special treatment but anyways with the Evernote Smart Notebook in hand it was time to check out what added oomph could it add to the already awesome Evernote tool.

The real upside of getting the Smart Notebook was that it came with 3 months free premium subscription to Evernote which expands the amount of content you could upload into your account to 1GB and faster image recognition which was what I was really looking forward to. After all, after taking notes down on your ‘offline’ notebook, it would be awesome to take a snapshot of the pages and upload them into your Evernote account for easy reference and archiving.

Sounds good? Yes, to a certain extent provided if you have neat handwriting and plan to take screenshots with an iOS device. None of which I do have.

My handwriting admittedly is pretty crude and the phone that I am using is an Android in which does not support the iOS only Evernote Page Camera. Bummer. The result? While pages can still be scanned nicely into Evernote, the system has a bit of difficulty reading my handwriting. No fault on the part of the program but writing neat and fast is kind of a challenge especially in meetings. For notes that were penned down nicely, no complaints there at all! I do wish that I have an iOS device on hand of try it out but alas no such opportunity has presented itself.

If you handwriting is neater than mine and you have an iOS device that is able to fire a flash while taking a shot, the Evernote Smart Notebook is optimally designed for you.

The next thing that one would immediately notice would be how orientation of pictures taken from your notebook would not have the right orientation. The Evernote team is aware of the issue but it does not seem that anything concrete is in the pipeline for users to easily rotate the image inside the application itself. The easiest way to get all the pictures righted the preferred way would be to make the necessary adjustments with the desktop application itself. Sadly, this is not the reason why I would like to use Evernote in the first place. Everything should be provided within the mobile app itself and I’m pretty sure most users access Evernote via the mobile device more often than the desktop.

If you could look past these 2 shortcomings, the Evernote Smart Notebook is a good complement for any offline note taking. The binding and paper quality would be what everybody would expect out of Moleskine. The 3 months free premium sub is definitely a good draw to purchase the Smart Notebook to trial the premium features. I’m not exactly the most power of users, so my traffic consumption of the service is pretty low. Offline notebooks however are a very very nice touch; just remember to sync your device before heading out to somewhere that you might not expect an Internet connection.

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