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Reliable Way to Fix “Steam is stuck” Update Issues

Is the above image a common issue for you? Steam getting stuck while updating? Getting stuck even before reaching the games page? Like many, I have encountered this issue over and over again and tried getting the update bar to move along until 100%. Nothing is more of a downer than having the twiddle your thumbs waiting for the client to update.

A quick Google gets you many suggestions offered by many users who had successfully updated their Steam client and how to get the Steam client running again. Be it using registry fixes, deleting of files, restarting the computer and even deleting the entire Steam folder, I just came across a simple and easy fix that does away with all of these steps.

Start by downloading the following program, TCPView. Don’t worry it’s a official Microsoft app. While I can’t guarantee that it won’t break your computer, please continue with the following steps at your own risk.

Once downloaded and unzipped, run the program TCPView.exe and search for the Steam application. Once found, simply right click the Steam icon and choose “close connection”.

TCPView-STEAM stuck

What happens now is that Steam will look for another server and get the progress bar moving along.

This method has worked for me quite reliably in the past few occasions without having to go through more hoops just to get the client updated.

I hope this guide was useful for you and was a good fix for your Steam update error.


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