Published on December 13th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


Placed an order for a Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook!

I’ve always had my eye on the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook ever since it was announced and thanks to the strong Singapore dollar, I’ve just placed an order for 2!

Doing the math, an Evernote Smart Notebook would cost me SGD$38 if I purchase it online ($3 cheaper if I bought it from Kinokuniya Singapore. But I’m lazy to travel there). The real catch is that I get 3 months free Evernote Premium with every notebook purchase (worth about SGD$18) making my core notebook cost SGD$20. Compared to the vanilla version which would set me back about SGD$29. And free shipping always helps.

I’ve always been using Evernote to clip good web articles for future reference but as most of our lives are largely spent offline, scribbling notes in a notebook generally has a difficultly making the jump from hardcopy to softcopy. Hence, with the Evernote Smart Notebook I hope to be able to bridge this gap. Nothing it more irritating than having to key into Evernote important meeting details again after furiously scribbling them down in a meeting. All the double entry!

I do have to manage my expectations though. While the handwriting and search functions look very cool, my handwriting looks terrible in real life and even worse for meeting notes. I’m just wondering how well does the feature work out for me personally.

Can’t wait for it to arrive and test out if the premium features of Evernote and the Smart Notebook does make a real impact on my life.



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