Published on November 13th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


Nexus 4 Sold Out for Australia; Surprise, it’s shipped from Singapore!

Google Nexus 4, at it’s awesome pricing, seems to be a no brainer choice for anyone wanting to jump onto the Android bandwagon but alas it is not available for purchase directly from Google themselves in Singapore.

However, it seems that the device itself is being shipped from Singapore! I have two confirmations from users reporting that this is indeed the case.

No idea why this is case though, telco restrictions? IDA approvals? Or just a plain case of Google taking advantage of low taxes and shipping costs to Australia?

Anyhow, the Google Nexus 4 looks to be immensely popular given the amount of buzz that is surrounding it and that the only place available to get one now is via the Google Play US store.


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  • Jason T

    Quite ridiculous that they can’t sell within Singapore because of a brain-dead Google policy. Maybe my next phone will be a note-2.

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