Published on September 7th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


Preordering Done Good/Bad – Your Choice

This is certainly new. Combine Kickstarter overfund levels with video game preorders and you see something like this:

I can’t really say if this is awesome or not down the road. But if all preorders in the future are gonna end off with a title from a publisher’s catalogue, that can’t be a bad thing.

Hitting the max level for XCOM on Steam unlocks a full copy of Civilization V which in its own right is an excellent title. I am pretty certain that fans of XCOM would definitely enjoy it as well. Best part is that the game can be gifted if you already own it.

Doing the math, the game is actually more pricey as compared to purchasing locally in Singapore (for PC games in general). But one must also consider the exclusivity of the items. The Team Fortress 2 items certainly would be welcome. The tier 1 reward is actually the same that every other retailer out there is offering as well.

Interested? Check out the preorder page. I’m expecting it to hit tier 2 by the end of the weekend.

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