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Valve Updates Subscriber Agreement; No Class Action Lawsuits Allowed

The next time your Steam client is fired up and you being the regular gamer would have agreed to waive your rights to gather similar like minded gamers to take Valve to court for whatever reason. Either that or can kiss your Steam library goodbye.

Before you reach for the torch and pitchfork, it does not actually sound as bad as it seems. Valve says that customers can still approach the company to seek redress individually.

While it sounds like a total douche move, such terms & agreements are usually for safeguards against trolls and it is really up to the company to decide if they actually want to enforce such rules in the first place. Valve just has that option. After all, their playground, their rules, even if you are throwing money at them, you don’t have the right to make a business decision for the company.

The changes come at a point of time which states that software purchased digitally should be allowed to resold in the EU. Anticipating a spike in disputes, Valve has set up an office in Belgium in anticipation of this recently.

However, it remains to be seen if the new Terms of Service can be enforceable in court.

Here’s a TL DR (Too Long, Don’t Read) version of the entire Steam User Agreement. If you plan to play nice, rest assured your games are safe.

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