Published on August 24th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


This MyRepublic Fibre GAMER Ad Hits All The Right Notes

I can’t say for certain that the video below is an actual reflection of “lag” being experienced visually, gaming on a pretty crappy set-up can lead to similar effects due to framerate loss.

Nonetheless, the numbers that are being touted in the video look pretty good by any standard. In my experience, playing SWTOR on 200ms didn’t really affect my PVP performance while on SingNet ADSL. The World of Warcraft numbers, aren’t exactly the most optimal as compared to a dedicated tunneling service but you get so much more apart from just good WoW latency.

I wonder how will the service stand up against the upcoming Guild Wars 2 which was also featured in the video..

Btw, I hope anyone who is on a MyRepublic Gamer plan does not play over wifi. /facepalm


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