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Legal vs Piracy: The Tipping Price Point

Square Enix has just released The World Ends with You on the iPad/iPhone for a pretty dear cost of SGD$22.98. Wow.

For a title that has been released as early as 2007, this is a blatant cash grab aimed at individuals who have a strong emotional connection to the game. At this price point, Square Enix is pretty much up there in the upper tiers in terms of pricings. On a platform that has games like Angry Birds only at SGD$1.98, comparisons are going to be made.

While one may argue that both games are very different (I agree) and development costs money etc etc the price is just too damn high. The core game is still basically unchanged since the vanilla version.

It got me thinking: How much would be a more realistic level to price games especially for new releases? The price that one would have paid for a pirated version of course!

Case in point would be Final Fantasy Tactics for the iOS. The original title was released around 2007 and commands around the same price point of The World Ends with You. Tactics was released in an era in which Playstation Portable piracy was rampant and you could actually load games onto your Memory Stick for as little as $1. Even $10 that is mentioned in the tweet cap above would be pushing it. $10 is closer to what I had paid for Playstation One games back then.

$10 has to be the upper limit that most consumers will be willing to pay for a game that has a certified pedigree but is a re-release. Square Enix has to be realistic here. It is not as if everything was built from the ground up once again just to accommodate the platform. If anything, The World Ends with You must have had the path of least resistance considering that the Nintendo DS also had a similar touch interface.

I would gobble up both titles if they were released closer at the $10 mark definitely.

Too expensive still? Wait for a sale? Good luck there as Square Enix titles pretty much have no chance to see a sale price.


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