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The Dark Knight Rises; Spoilers; Social Media

“Batman _______ in the movie!” If you hadn’t caught The Dark Knight Rises and are planning to, I wish you luck, you brave but sorry soul.

It seems that many trolls love spoiling the movie for those that have yet to watch the movie. Their weapon of choice? Social media.

Honestly, these individuals do need to grow up. But when told to, the common response would be “lol, jking”

While this is not exactly a rant, The Dark Knight Rises is the epic finale to the Nolan Batman trilogy and spoilers would really ruin the impressive run that had begun since 2005.

So if you had watched the show, please do give others a chance to enjoy it for themselves. Its not really so hard to talk about something else.

Social media ironically brings out the most un-social behaviour in people. Frankly speaking, I would have punched anyone who babbled the entire story in public, especially outside the cinema. Thank god I watched on opening day.

Beware the counter spoiler; That would be someone posting an incorrect fact of The Dark Knight Rises and having a passionate friend on Facebook correct the original poster’s fact and in turn spoiling it for everyone else. Well played.

Just stay away from Facebook, Twitter and practically any forums until you have watched the show. You have been warned and good luck trying.

Trolls, please grow up. I need to invent something that allows someone to punch another over the Internet. That would be awesome.

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  • DK

    Spoiler alert! Bruce Wayne is Batman. 😛

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