Published on July 16th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


“Online Always” DRM Blows

After purchasing ANNO 2070 during the awesome Steam summer sale, I came to find out the next day that due to a technical issue with Uplay I was not able to play the game.

Sign into Steam, press Play, Ubisoft Uplay starts.

Please enter username and password.

Password is invalid. What?! I just created one yesterday afternoon.

Request for new password. Key in new password. Password is still invalid!

Before I carry on, allow me to clarify that I believe in the proponent in “willing buyer, willing seller” Hence I actually have nothing to rant about considering I went in with the full knowledge that the online DRM system that Ubisoft can be pretty flaky at times. My bad.


The alternative would have been going over to some torrent site and install the game in the most elaborate manner just to circumvent the piracy prevention tools.

Sadly Ubisoft does not have the loving player base that Blizzard enjoys. I’m pretty sure that the memory of server login issues are tucked away now that everything is smooth sailing for Diablo 3 (or so I’ve heard).

I feel sad for this sorry state of gaming in which the legit consumers are actually being locked out of a game due to technical issues. Even for the single player portion of it. Please pay attention to the fact that the day before ANNO 2070 and From Dust went on sale in which they had received a tremendous response. From Dust found itself on the #3 spot of the day while ANNO 2070 came in at a respectable #7


So anyway the service is now up but only after more than 12 hours of downtime. A Ubisoft rep has apologized but he would have to prepare himself as the apology is pretty empty.

The service is up now, what more do you want??

This is pretty much how he is feeling to the responses.

Oh well.

I spent the good part of the afternoon on Dota 2 and bought Gotham City Imposters which uses GFWL. I guess when the prices are that good, I can live with the inconvenience.


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