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McDonald’s Singapore! Y U CHARGE ME 30 cents for Extra Curry Sauce!

This is a tricky issue to maneuver. Since the beginning of FOREVER, McDonald’s Singapore had been giving out curry sauce for free. This is the standard until recently where customers would be only given curry sauce dependent on the size of the meal that they had ordered.

In all scenarios, one only need to ask and they will be given a packet free. So what is the big deal? This is a free market and you as a consumer can always exercise your right to choose not to eat at an establishment if you do not believe in its policies. Many have taken to McDonald’s Singapore’s Facebook Page to make their grouses heard. Many statements goes along with the line of “I am boycotting McDonald’s cos they are not giving out any more free sauce.” Do check out the table below:

In order to get an extra packet of sauce, one need only to ask. The only real loser in this new initiative would be customers who had chosen a 4pc nuggets meal or an extra value meal with no nuggets. But then again, ask politely and one shall be rewarded!

I know how delicious curry sauce goes with fries but making a fuss out of this is such a first world problem.

Anyway 30 cents is honestly chump change, what can one do with 30 cents these days anyway? To put things in perspective, in my recent trip to Europe, all fast food outlets I visited charge for ANY condiment requested, so things are not as bad as the online chatter makes it out to be. These schemers would actually ask the customer politely if they wanted any sauce and punch in the extra charge with a smile. Devious, I tell you!

If the boycott is successful, I guess we may see McDonald’s recant their stance, if not, I am looking forward to a Singapore where one mega fast food chain is removed from the local diet. Awesome right?

Should you still feel strongly about the change in policy do email them with a SOLUTION on how you would have done things differently: I’m sure their ears are all open (I hope)


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