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Gotham City Imposters’ Tutorials are Hilarious!

I just picked up Gotham City Imposters yesterday because it was on sale for a mere USD$6 and although the game is essentially a clone of Call of Duty in terms of the FPS leveling process, I would say that a lot of attention has been given to separate itself from other similar FPS titles in the market now.

I cannot recommend it enough!

Check out the following video that highlights how each Support Items work. Support items would take up the ‘grenade’ slot for most FPS games.

The Fallout style animation and humour is what really got me cracking!

While Call of Duty would best describe the leveling process, the gameplay is totally its own with the unique style and humor.

Yes, there is a gadget that lets you glide around in a map!

How many games actually provide players with a tutorial on how each weapon or gadget actually works? With the amount of weapons, mods, perks, boosts and gadgets, such tutorials are certainly welcome to all new players to the game.

The great part about this game is that in the process of leveling up, Gotham City Imposters gives players the luxury of choice to unlock whatever weapon they want. In comparison, other similar FPS titles would require one to use a specific weapon before unlocking the next tier item.

The game is developed by Monolith Productions which are no newbs behind the multiplayer FPS. After all, they are the same studio behind F.E.A.R

While the game is not as cheap as it was yesterday, it is worth putting it on your watchlist if you are currently itching for some other FPS other than Team Fortress 2.

[Steam Store Link]

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