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Dragon Nest Singapore Guild “Chronicles” Nets $10,000 Pay Day

Who said playing games didn’t pay off? It certain did for 8 highly skilled individuals from the Dragon Nest Guild Chronicles who had beat the odds (and other guilds) to down Serpentra in under 40 minutes to earn a cool $10,000.

While clearing the said dungeon is not an easy feat, simply getting past the first few bosses is a gear check. Enter the dungeon with scrub gear and prepared to get your ass kicked.

I had asked a few Dragon Nest players familiar with the dungeon and they certainly agree that this is indeed no mean feat. In most occasions, many groups would have difficultly getting past the second boss. Considering the amount of fanfare this achievement is getting on the forums, Chronicles is certainly being lauded for setting the mark in South East Asia.

Apparently, the Koreans took a good 3 months to take down the beast initially and Chronicles was able to complete this task in under a month. While hats off towards the Koreans for exploring the initial strategy, the execution required for the dungeon would still have to be close to perfect.

The prize money is nothing to be scoffed at and it certainly has to be the first of this size that is being awarded for an MMO in this region. Gratz to Chronicles!

Press Release

When it winged its way into Lagendia in June, Serpentra, the Sea Dragon became the toughest monster in Dragon Nest SEA yet. But thanks to the brains and brawns of 8 players from legendary guild Chronicles, the savage Sea Dragon was finally put back to rest in its watery grave for the first time. And apart from a glut of remarkable item drops, it has also awarded its vanquishers with S$10,000 in cash.

It is a fitting reward for these 8 ardent defenders from Chronicles, who persevered through seven levels to finally meet Serpentra face to face. In the dingy marshes surrounding Hermalte Port, they fought their way to Serpentra’s nest and bested the Sea Dragon in under 40-minutes – becoming the first AND fastest guild in Dragon Nest SEA to do so.

To put the difficulty of defeating the Sea Dragon into perspectives, hardcore Dragon Nest players from Korea took nearly three months to defeat the monster for the first time. Guild Chronicles, hailing from Singapore, took less than a month since the content update to take the first scalp off the Sea Dragon with a combination of the following character classes – 2 Paladins, 2 Priests, and 1 MercenaryForce UserAlchemist and Elemental Lord each.

These heroes will receive their prize of S$10,000 from Mr Addison Kang, Vice President and Producer of Shanda Games International on July 14, 2012.

“The success of the players from guild Chronicles best exemplifies the spirit and theme behind Dragon Nest SEA, where as in the real world, great team-play and hard work are necessary ingredients to overcome difficult obstacles,” said Mr Addison Kang. “I would like to congratulate Chronicles for this impressive achievement. The Sea Dragon Nest is just the tip of the iceberg, and I can assure our players that there will be even more exciting content in the pipeline.”

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