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The 2012 PC Show Survival Guide

It’s back and every year it seems to get bigger! The 2012 PC Show is one of the more big ticket events that we Singaporeans look forward to yearly. Held at Suntec Singapore between 7 – 10 June 2012, things look to be shaping up to be crazy in terms of the crowds that will grace the event.

This time round the PC Show 2012 at Suntec Singapore has action on levels 1, 2, 4 & 6 and all exhibitors look to be raring to go. Unlike the coverage provided by HardwareZone, I thought I’d just drop a few pointers to tackle this event and get out alive.

Btw, the PC Show is not an exhibition but is more a frenzy where the bargain hunters search out for the best deals usually reserved for Sim Lim Square.

The Planning Phase

Not the queue to a rock concert unfortunately

This is where it gets real. You will need to take some time to understand what deals are going on and where the deals can be found. Allow me to share a few pointers when tackling the PC Show:

  • Never buy the latest model of any item, you won’t get a deal
    • Always go for the older generation of said camera (a popular item at the PC show) or television, usually the jump in tech isn’t that great unless you are an early adopter. And if you were, you won’t be at this show.
  • Budget yourself. Do not get tempted by freebies
    • The main lure of such shows are the extra freebies that are given with most items. Check out what are the prices of the freebies standalone. Warranties are usually good deals. Beware the inflated freebie cost price though
  • Research, Research, Research!
    • Check with the pricelists found at Sim Lim Square or the RRP of ANY product you have your eye on. Due to the crowds, some items may get sold out fast, don’t get tempted by a bait-and-switch
  • Found the deal? Time to commando drop in!
    • Check where are the retailers are here and here. Jump in, jump out! Don’t get distracted by the shiny booth (booth babes take a special exception though)
  • Go in Early, Go in Late, NEVER GO & Browse
    • Unless you are a first time buyer to such shows, these are places not meant to be browsing or asking for features and discussing it with the sales rep. Good deals are always to be found on the first day of the show, first few hours of each day and the last few hours on the last day of the show.

Hit the Ground Running

On the day itself wear a nice pair of comfortable shoes because it is time for war!

Pray the person next to you has had a shower

  • Understand the terrain, check out the following floor plans for level 4 and level 6 of the PC Show 2012
  • If you have kids or elderly, leave them at home!!
  • Parking will be a pain, public transport will be a pain, go early or go late to avoid the peak hours
    • If you do have to go during crunch time, be mentally prepared to follow the crowds that clog up the escalators. Driving will be suicide, unless you plan on buying a huge TV and want to cart it home the same day
  • Buying said item – The most important part of this guide
    • Warranty – always go for manufacturer warranty. Shop warranty MAY screw you hard. Accessories usually have no warranty at all, buyer beware.
    • Ask for the name of the salesperson. Honestly, this is pretty pointless as most sales reps disappear after each show as they are mostly temps. If you are wary of a purchase, just move on. But get the name, just in case. If the salesperson calls himself an unorthodox name like “Flame” think twice.
    • Many exhibitors are proxy stores themselves. Find out the actual location of the storefront in the event of a dispute in the future.
  • Ensure the price you pay has all taxes included and is the same as the brochure.
  • For some retailers, the same deal might be found on their online store. Dell is a good example that gives good deals in Singapore during the PC Show – delivery included

Post PC Show

  • Bought a lemon? I hope the warranty and store details were grabbed during the purchase.
  • Didn’t get what was promised? This is the time to find the actual store that you bought the item from, the salesperson would be long gone by now.
  • Some PC Show deals are extended. Check out the brand’s website to try your luck.
  • Enjoy your purchase! Like all things tech, the item is always the cheapest at the point you bought it at.

I hope I’ve been able to share a few important pointers especially if you are the first time buyer at such shows.

Typically, you get pretty awesome deals on cameras, printers, television sets and PC desktop displays which usually go for cheap with freebies thrown in.


PC Show 2012 — 7-10 June 2012 at Suntec Singapore

The PC Show is the longest IT fair among the four major consumer electronics trade fairs in Singapore. Come this June, the 22nd edition of the PC Show is expected to attract tens of thousands of bargain hunters and generates millions of dollars in sales.

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