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SingTel Reduces Bundled Data; Starhub Follows Suit; M1 Contemplates

Update 20 July 2012 – M1 may have plans to roll out new data plans

On 4 June 2012, SingTel started the ball rolling by reducing bundled data to a tiered structure.

Later in the evening, Starhub announced it would be revising their bundles as well. M1 still remains quiet.

Broadband on mobile speeds in Singapore have been plagued with slow surfing speeds and at times non-existent surfing speeds as well. But it looks like it is set to end once the new plans are rolled out.

With 12 GB of data, it is like a buffet that can never be finished. Typically, if you were to consume data on one mobile device, one would usually hit no more than 1 GB of data consumed per month. That is unless you are a hardcore Youtube streamer while on the go for example.

And just like the buffet analogy, there always is a certain dude who will always get the biggest and choicest pieces of the buffet. The rest in line get the leftovers.

Technically, it is not wrong to do so, after all you had paid for it so all the more power to you. But morally (lol), well…

Funny how things have come one big circle, I remember back in the day of the SingTel iPhone 3GS launch I had asked a top executive if 500mb is seriously enough for the youth of Singapore. I had totally missed out everyone else who would be entitled to eat more than was desired of them.

Back in July 2009, this was how the price plans actually looked like when I had first got my Apple iPhone 3GS which was exclusive to SingTel only. This meant Starhub and M1 had to sell their price plans with the upcoming Android OS phones. The HTC Hero was a good choice back then.

omg? 500mb ONLY??

At the end of 2009, Starhub and M1 would also start to retail their own Apple iPhone 3GS after hemorrhaging a good bulk of their customer base to SingTel. ’tis the power of Apple.

In order to lure them back, impressive bundled data was offered that led to the current smartphone data bundles.

This was how it looked like back in December 2009, via Hardwarezone:

12GB across the board

Thus began the spiral which had led to the announcement on 4 June 2012.

I remember the day the new data plans were announced in December 2009, I would make sure the load up Grooveshark everyday in an effort to see how far I could push my cap. The best I could manage was a mere 6GB.

Anyway, the gist moving forward from today would be that is you’d like to keep your 12GB of data, do not recontract. If you’d like to enjoy LTE or 4G speeds, make sure to get a 4G ready phone and watch the data consumption.

This is by far the favourite tweet that I’d seen the night of the announcement:


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