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Why I Suck at Dota 2

Dota 2 is a punishing game in which your team pays for the mistakes that you made during the entirety of the match.

Often in most cases, they will be more than happy to share their displeasure with you. Being called a noob is by far one of the milder sentiments someone online may share with you. Thank your lucky stars if your family members are not dragged into the fray, the mother is a popular choice.

There you have it, the Dota pick up community.

So why do I actually suck at Dota 2?

Simply put, I’m still locked back the older days of how Dota games played and influenced by how League of Legeneds (LoL) plays.

In the past, Dota was played with 2-2-1 (back then), this means 2 heroes in the top & middle with a lone solo at the bottom/top depending on your team. The meta game has since changed to resemble something more like 2-1-2 in more recent times, 3 (1 jungle) – 1 – 1

Usually a 3-1-1 playstyle is executed more often with a full premade group which will proceed to steamroll any pick up group.

Advanced tactics aside, in the absence of a proper updated Dota, LoL has been the perfect game to fill that void. In my opinion, LoL has a much gentler learning curve. The most defining factor of LoL would be that upon a hero death, you do not lose gold. This is important as it keeps you still in the running if the correct items are bought depending on the situation there still is a winning chance.

No such luck in Dota.

I’ve not seen a player come back from 3 consecutive deaths in quick succession ever in Dota (or maybe I have not been playing enough). At this mark, be prepared to be hunted down by the opposing team. It is no surprise that the ‘farmed’ hero may end the game with his starting items. It can get that bad especially for intelligence heroes.

This feature keeps games closer to the 40 minute mark. Gone are the days of a 2 hour comeback which was pretty epic to say the least. A short game allows more action and captures an audiences attention sufficiently, considering that Dota 2 is poised for competitive e-sports broadcasting.

I’m a lazy player. Which is exactly why Dota is not made for team-mates who do not give their 110%. Actively denying creeps in the early game is an aspect of play missing from LoL which is a rude transition for newer arrivals from LoL. There is an exhaustive list of stuff that I could rattle off after each match that would/could have resulted in a win.

It just so happened, last night, that I lost spectacularly in 2 games which may have caused a great bruise in ego and friendship.

Nonetheless, this aspect is what makes Dota 2 so great. I do feel that there is a much greater emphasis in Dota for players to fill roles. While LoL has a similar outline in high level games, Dota appears to be able to edge this one step further largely due to balance. With a hero roster smaller than LoL, you often see hard counter counterpicks on a very regular basis, yet keeping individual team synergy intact has to be a priority as well.

I do feel that I work much harder when playing Dota 2 as compared to LoL and post match would feel drained. So much so that squeezing in a maximum of 2 games per night is the furthest I am able to go (bedtime also affects this decision).

The real reason, why I suck at Dota 2? I’ve come to a point where I do not have enough time to practice this game enough to be competent at it. Growing old simply sucks.

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