Published on May 29th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


The Gamer’s Weekend is Tuesday

Ever since World of Warcraft, players who are committed to their game revolved their social calender around Tuesday. With the addition of Diablo III, it seems that even more people are being sucked into this cycle.

While the rationale of why Tuesday was chosen as the preferred day of choice for Blizzard to shut down their servers to do some housekeeping is still a mystery to some and has raised a fair amount of speculation.

In Singapore, servers usually go down in the early evenings and come up sometime after 2am. This gives gamers this side of the globe a good change to have a proper meal with their significant other or even to catch up with guildmates offline in real life.

I guess by posting this I may also be revealing a long guarded secret why your friends who game a lot suddenly have a fixed day within a week to spend time away from the game – It’s because they have no choice!

Even non-Blizzard games seem to fall into this accepted cycle, SWTOR current has their maintenance on Tuesdays as well.

Anyway, so the servers are down for Diablo III today as well all the way to 2am. Let’s hope it comes up early like last week!

Diablo?? You too??!!

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