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Singapore’s Diablo III Launch at Funan 15 May 2012

Popped by to take a few quick snaps before going off.

This is the queue that greets if you arrived via train from City Hall.

This is actually the start of the queue. And this feeds into the above pic.

Eventually, the queue would lead you into Funan and your preorder card would be verified.

The great thing is that Asiasoft did not want fans to stay in line and allowed them to freely roam after verification.

Collection of the game would be by batch according your the number given upon verification.

Nothing like a bit of poison to improve your gaming experience. Mice have been known to break because of Diablo.

SteelSeries is the official merchandiser for all things Diablo when it comes to hardware. Has anyone tried one and can vouch for the build quality? Was pretty tempted to get a mouse to give it a go.

The real highlight of the event other than the game launch itself, the cosplayers!

And the Blizzard dude of the day, Marc Messenger, the lead developer for Diablo III.

Pity I had to work else I would have taken the opportunity to speak to him just like I had with Brain Kindregan back in 2010.

Check out the rest of the pics below. Sadly no booth babes this time round too 🙁

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