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Simple Tips to Prepare Yourself For Diablo 3

Download the client

You can actually grab the client and preload it. All you need to do on release day would be to input your cd-key via and you will be able to access the game immediately.

I really like how Blizzard has learned how to release major launches after massive ‘trials’ with World of Warcraft (seamless patching for expansions on release day).

Depending on which you prefer you may grab the PC official Diablo 3 US Client or the PC official Diablo 3 Singapore Client. Frankly is makes no difference at all.

The Mac version can also be grabbed here as well – Mac Official Diablo 3 US Client

Don’t worry these are direct links from Blizzard themselves, there are even more download links of other regions should you prefer.

Buy  a new computer

Nothing would crush the enjoyment more than realizing that the computer that you are using presently is unable to run Diablo. Now, that would really suck.

Only a weekend to go!

Check out this free tool and see if your rig is able to meet minimum requirements. No need to figure out what needs fixing, the tool will advise you accordingly.

If not, it’s time to shell out at least $1200 to get an awesome new computer!

Defragment / Registry Clean Your Computer

Some internal housekeeping and go a long way to improve performance especially on older computers.

Check out free programs like Defraggler to kickstart the clean up process. Scanning your computer for spyware would go a long way as well. Don’t want to get your precious account to get stolen.

Lastly, you could also head down to Blizzard’s main guide to getting started on launch day.

Remember, if you are in Singapore, servers open on 15th May at 1501hrs or 3:01 PM.


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