Published on May 4th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


I’ve actually been sitting on this idea for a very long time but I never got the releasing it due to reasons I cannot remember now.

Anyway, introducing my new pet project:

MMOs and the characters are an extension of what we are. Whether or not they represent our true selves or an alter ego, it is always interesting to see the names that people give their characters.

I feel that the names that are bestowed are often reflective of their ideals and state of time at a singular point in time. I remember back in the days of IRC, Singaporeans loved to call themselves Baby <InsertBrandNameHere> eg. BabyMoschino which is pretty laughable in today’s context but it was very popular back then.

So, I had actually spent some time in SWTOR cataloging the fairly interesting names that I had encountered towards my final days in the game.

Now, I feel like reactivating my WoW account just to grab some names from there as well!

Do check out for the laughs. I’ve queued a good month of content and I hope that people will enjoy it.

For some simple tips not the end up with a fail name, do check out this earlier post.

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