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How To Earn Money on the Diablo 3 Auction House (Or So You Thought)

When Blizzard had announced that they were releasing a Real Money Auction House, my eyeballs changed to dollar signs. A legit way to make money while gaming!

As time went along, the appeal lost its shimmer. You could only list 10 items maximum at any one time. Inventory space was also lacking.

Then came the cut that Blizzard will be taking off each transaction price.  Ouch.

This post gives a very very good breakdown on how much you would be earning in real life cash if you chose to do so:

While math is not my strongest suit, it looks as though Blizzard does not exactly want to encourage the majority of trade action to take place with real cash.

It is not worth selling items too cheap and the level which reaps the most profits (the sweet spot) might be priced out too high for a gamer. $250 in USD for a virtual item is too much for my stingy Asian blood.

While I cannot speak for the rest of the community, the required sell amount to ensure that you would be able to earn a stable and healthy margin is rather far fetched. Trying to attempt to trade by volume is curbed with the 10 auction item limit.

Amidst all the buzz, I’ve also realized that when it comes to Singapore Diablo 3 players, how do we participate in trade when cashing out?

The closest, most accessible currency would be the USD. Do we need to convert to Singapore Dollars before getting the money and in turn giving PayPal another cut?

I hope to be able to find out more tomorrow (it’s late). The official FAQ sheds no light on this matter.

Blizzard must be thinking, “SEA, bloody troublesome cheapskates!”

I’ve reached out to both Blizzard and PayPal and hope to receive a response soon.

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