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5 Reasons Why NOT To Get Diablo 3

I heard many felt this way over the weekend *snigger*

Had fun over the Diablo beta weekend when you could by some chance log in? Here’s a few points that you might have missed while staring at the screen in awe at the game you have always waited for.

Diablo will require a persistent online connection to play

In case you didn’t know, in order to play the game you need to have an Internet connection all the time.

Even single player.

Remember Starcraft 2? Yup, it’s the same with Diablo 3.

So if you have a sucky Internet connection at home or thought you would be able to play on the go, too bad.

Multiplayer is locked to only 4 players maximum

In World of Warcraft, raids started out with 40 players. Along the way it got cut down to 25 and 10.

Diablo 3 seems to have taken the cue from other development teams and reduced that number from 8 players (Diablo 2) to the current 4.

This is actually pretty sad considering that many old school Diablo 3 players have come of age and it is much easier to find friends who game these days.

Sadly, Blizzard aims to break those friendship bonds. Even a 10 man guild from World of Warcraft would have 2 players duo-ing together.

Linear character development

Gone are the days where you had to gain just enough Strength points to wear that coveted armour then proceeded to dump everything else into Vitality.

In Diablo 3, as you level, you have to choose what the game gives you! No such thing as multi-skill trees! Right now, every one can be the same vanilla flavour.

Full customization of your character only comes at a much higher level. So much for trying to be special eh?

Gameplay that has not changed

Preceding Diablo 2, we had games like Titan’s Quest and Torchlight and what was similar amongst them?

  1. You point at an enemy
  2. You click the enemy until he drops, press hotkeys a few times
  3. ????
  4. Profit

Repeat until max level.

Before you say, “But this is a Blizzard title, THE STORY will be awesome!” Get real, you get awesome story via books and movies, there are just so many other mediums.

The in-game social UI is dated

Tried chatting in this game? Tried scrolling up? Have fun.

Where’s the in-game voice chat? Even if there was I bet it will suck as bad as the one offered within World of Warcraft.

Time for you to get a Skype account. Thankfully, with the small party sizes, you won’t need to get a vent server. Skype is free!

Bonus reason

The end of sexy time.

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  • Angel

    im surprised real money AH and isometric camera arent on the list, those are my top 2 reasons. real money AH will essentially allow gold buying and ruin the regular AH as pay-for-gold players will control the pricing. isometric camera certainly creates a unique feel to the game, but if i wanted to remissness, id play an older game. throw in: not having necromancers, paladins, assassins or druids ontop of all the other stuff you mentioned, and i think ill say good bye to blizzard and wait for guild wars 2.

  • The Shadow Gamer

    bonus reason..haha nice

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