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Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 Exclusive Merchandise Tees!

I saw this post on and some of the items featured would really make the Transformers Cybertron Con a must go this weekend 11 – 14 March. Exclusive merch ftw! Tickets are still available, so if you are free and a Transformers fan, the event is one to check out on your social calender of 2012.

Apart from figurines, Transformers merchandise comes ina good variety and what got me thinking was the tee shirt designs. Ever since the Micheal Bay era of Transformers, we have grown accustomed to the new ‘look’ of the whole series but, oddly, why does the preferred design choice for the tee shirt range still remain fixated on Generation 1?

I’ve seen people wearing similar tees around Singapore but I didn’t know they came in that many designs. Compared to a similar tee found on Zazzle, these official tees come with the “Transformers” text emblazoned on each shirt in classic Generation 1 design. At $39.90, it is pretty much the average price at which official merch generally starts at.

Me? I’d love to get a tee, right now my only Transformers themed tee would be the one from Ript featuring Rodimus and Arcee

Best. Buy. Ever.

Anyway back to design choice. The use of classic Generation 1 goes to show the timeless appeal that Transformers has. Either that or the only people who would actually buy and wear the tee would be those from my generation. I’m sticking with the latter.

Now, if only Dreamwave were still around and sold tees…

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