Published on March 8th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


The Difference between Playing Sim City and Winning Sim City

Yesterday, the next iteration of Sim City was announced and it was kind of a surprise considering city builder games are not in the vogue anymore as compared to yesteryear.

The new version looks very pretty graphically but I wonder how much it would stand out from Cities XL, another city builder game that had appeared to fill the void that Sim City left in the past few years.

Looks nice right? But with a city that nicely ‘zoned’ there will be issues that cannot be solved without major demolishing and reconstruction. Pretty bridge?? Think of the pollution!

A few years back a guy put in motion to create the ultimate utopian city in Sim City 3000. Everyone was employed, there was no pollution, no crime, devoid of close to every negative byproduct a city has.

It took him 4 years in order to conceptualize and create the ultimate Sim City.


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