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The Balance between Price, Quality & Speed

I was reading this article on Lifehacker and I came across the following line:

While companies, large and small, have a tendency to do things that we might see as unfair, they’re just one half of the problem. It’s important to remember that we, as consumers, can sometimes be excessively demanding and what things that companies cannot financially provide. A lot of tricky methods are used in business to get more money out of consumers because we demand very low prices. Companies will often take a loss on certain items—such as cellphones and smartphones when you agree to a two-year contract or video game systems since you’ll be buying a bunch of games later on—to offer those prices to you. It’s important to remember that we are, in some part, responsible for the way companies are acting by making the demands we make. Before you decide to fight back on any consumer issue, be sure to understand your responsibility in the matter.

And it got me thinking, is the mentality of having it all a unique Asian mindset? After all, in my experiences thus far, non-Asian individuals tend to be the ones that know exactly what they want and basically have a ‘price’ that they are willing to pay for. If such a service or good does not exist they simply move on and try another avenue. Asians, however, are not so compromising. Perhaps it is in this trait that we set very high standards for ourselves and by extension others as well.

Unfortunately, you can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

Singapore is a free market and by that fact consumers need to wake up and do their homework before committing into a purchase of any sort. Too often than not, purchases may not live up to expectations and some Singaporeans do tend to point the finger at everyone except themselves. I would expect to see much more of this ugly behavior when the new Lemon Law kicks into action soon.

Cheapskates exist worldwide. One non Asian story I’ve heard is that consumers keep their clothes tags and labels on their clothing for the maximum time permissible before seeking an exchange for a brand new item in the US. Such in store policies are great as companies would like to extend some form of goodwill to the customer, but to see such policies being abused rewards the scum consumer and punishes the genuine.

If you have been a victim of genuine poor service or poor product manufacturing, by all means go ahead and stake your claim for the appropriate compensation but to summarize the quoted text- What you pay is what you get.

Vote wisely with your wallet. It’s a free market in Singapore and it’s just not classy to whine. Show yourself more respect for goodness sake.

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