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Kinect Star Wars – Not The Game You Are Looking For

Kinect  Star Wars would be hitting the Xbox 360 on 3 April 2012 and the thought of actually wielding a Lightsaber without a controller is an amazing prospect to salivate at.

The reveal of Kinect Star Wars was dodgy right off the bat.

Actor or actual gameplay? You decide for yourself.

However, it did get better with the most recent trailer.


Humor is always good but how does it really play? Actual gameplay looks closer with this.

Movement is pretty much on rails. Players are able to swing their hands around to slash with the Lightsaber. Jump to leap over enemies and lean to dash forward. Targeting is automatic.

Honestly, it’s pretty damn hard to live up the the expectations of fans and I believe the action components of the game are actually done very well. We have come from controllers to a non controller environment. It is rough round the edges but I’m sure it would be still a blast to play.

BUT, it’s this part that makes you wonder what George Lucas is trying to do with his Star Wars IP. The horror starts from 4:30.

Dance games when executed well turns out like the stellar title that is Dance Central. However, Dance Central, Kinect Star Wars is not.

Will I get the game? Yes but probably second hand.

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