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Diablo 3 Release Date – 15 May 2012

The day that we all have been waiting for has come and you get to pre-order the game right this very moment direct from Blizzard themselves.

As suggested by this article in No Game No Talk, it really does seem that Blizzard once again will be consolidating the player base for Diablo 3. From the above picture, the only region offered is “Global”. The performance that I’ve encountered so far in the game has been nothing but stellar ping wise. With parties capping at max of 4, there’s very little reason why there would be lag in the first place anyway.


It looks like there will be no difference between a copy bought from Singapore/SEA or the US everyone will be able to play with each other.

However, items bought / acquired on, say, a US server can only be transferable in US servers. The same applies to Asian servers.

Because items found in Diablo III are not bound to any character the most likely impact would be: Player A buys / loots item A on a US server. He joins his Asian friends and gets something nice and shiny and wants to sell item A but the Asian auction house will not allow him to do so because of the above statement.

The only question to be answered now would be how Blizzard will distinguish Asian / US servers in game. Presently, this distinction is not visible.

The price for Diablo 3 would cost a cool USD$59.90 which is cheaper than what is offered locally in Singapore. Hopefully, we might see a price revision in the coming days.

And, yay, I got the RRP spot on. Hur.

In the meantime, that would also mean that my days of streaming Diablo 3 on is limited. So do head down to while you still can!

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