Published on March 8th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


Blizzard’s Azeroth Call to Arms

No quarter has been spared to lure lapsed addicts of World of Warcraft players back into the game. Blizzard has just rolled out a very impressive referral program to anyone who had a World of Warcraft account sometime in the past.

Basically Blizzard’s newest scroll of resurrection would boost any account right into Deathwing’s grasp. Returning accounts would get their characters boosted to level 80 meaning that they would only need 5 more levels to tackle current end game content.

At the start of Cataclysm, released sometime in December 2010, I remember having to arrange for a few friends multiple copies of the original World of Warcraft and the preceding expansion sets in the cheapest possible manner in order to entice them back into the game. Now, with the latest scroll of resurrection, Blizzard does away with all that hassle. I guess World of Warcraft really has earned them that much.

It is a pity, however, to get players right into the latest content. In doing so, returning players would effectively skip a good chunk of backstory and environments that has helped shape the lands found in World of Warcraft. It is unlikely that players would venture into the Outlands and the far corners of Northrend because the World of Warcraft today is vastly different from the one of the past. The game now is more like a hub rather than an interactive world made for exploration but that is another rant.

All things considered, the newest scroll of resurrection really packs in very good value. Expansion packs, accelerated leveling, token game time, character transfers and a free mount for the referee for only the cost of a month’s sub, well played Blizz, well played. But do remember that in a few months be prepared to shell out for a new expansion pack as the current Cataclysm has already drawn to a close.

You never do leave World of Warcraft. Never.


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