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4 Things to Keep You Occupied til Game of Thrones Season 2

Season 2 of Game of Thrones would hit the telly 1 April 2012. This is no joke, men have lost their lives in the lead up to the impending war but you can hype yourself up as we countdown to Season 2 with this guide.

Lob Off Your Friend’s Head

This is by far the coolest Facebook app I’ve seen so far. Challenge your friend(s) to a popularity contest and your mutual friends decides who lives and who ends with their neck on the chopping block.

The “Dethroned” Facebook app is really worth a look. A webcam is required in order for maximum fun!

Start Reading A Clash of Kings

If you dare that is.

Coming in at 1040 pages, seasoned readers would make short work of A Clash of Kings. However, the real disappointment hits when the TV show does not live up to the book. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER BOOK ADAPTATION AMIRITE?

Start Making Some Ned Stark / Boromir Memes

I don’t think many actors have this claim to fame but Sean Bean’s characters are the central theme of 2 very popular memes.

Oops! Already did!

The above two are actually pretty bad examples. You are able to make your own Imminent Ned and One Does Not Simply memes via quickmeme.

Want to impress your friends? Check out the origins of each for Imminent Ned and One Does Not Simply as well!

Try Out The Official Board Game

I got one locally from Paradigm Infinium for a cool $90 but I’ve yet to unbox it.

This game is EPIC. Reviews of the game states that an average game would take 5-6 hours for EXPERIENCED players. Whoa. By far the most faithful recreation of the book and the show combined.

Lucky thing is that you can actually check out the rules of the game before plunging into it. There’s a second edition to this game with cooler and updated items within, make sure you aren’t getting the first edition.

And of cos allow me to end off with the trailer for Season 2


Joffrey needs to be slapped more imo.

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