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What if the new Tim Schafer Double Fine 2 Player Productions Game Sucked?

As of writing, the Kickstarter project has already crossed the $500k mark and that’s in roughly 24 hours only!

With one more month to raise even more money, one gaming site has gone as far to say that we might have seen the end of the publishing model. But what happens if the final product disappoints?

Tim Schafer is throwing his brand name clout behind this project but as recent track records go it does not exactly paint the rosiest of pictures. Starting with EA backed Brutal Legend, the game had a good following but didn’t quite strike it with the masses. Sandbox gameplay with awesome humor and scriptwriting, what is there not to like? Well, many a customer thought otherwise. If I remember correctly, during my time at Qisahn, Brutal Legend had one of the most “cancellations” in terms of preorders. Pity that the popularity of the game only picked up when it became dirt cheap.

Nostalgia is a wicked entity – It makes you yearn for the pleasures that you had enjoyed in the past but more often than not, such experiences do not really translate that well in present day reality.


Because we have all grown in our own way and as we grow we gain more experiences and compare that to what we have experienced before. So, if one goes from the past to the future and back to the past again, where would you like to eventually stay? More often than not, most would stay in the future. We live in an era where video games are, frankly speaking, amazing in general.

Progress. This is what worries me for the Kickstarter funded project. The game is pitched as a point-and-click adventure game and as a member of the generation that had grown up in that era, I feel that the magic of the genre would only be most effective with my generation. I may sound like aa evil publisher but there is a shred of truth in this. If the new game is not able to one up the Call of Duty(s) of this generation, how does such genres reach out to other demographics of gamers other than mine?

Since Brutal Legend, the consecutive Tim Schafer games have seen a warmer response because the games were fun and came at a lower price point. Considering that you would be able to get the title at a low contribution of only $15, we should expect a title that is of similar length.I hope to be wrong in this aspect.

What truly puzzles me is that the title would not see a tablet, specifically an iPad, version as I am certain that such touchscreen platforms are a perfect pair for adventure games. The re-releases of Monkey Island translate perfectly on a touch control scheme and as far as demographics go, the portable crowd would be the perfect segment to reach out to for new age gamers to rediscover the genre. There is a slim chance that with enough funding an iOS version will come true.

While I hate playing the devil’s advocate, I have thrown in my contribution to the project and really wish to see it succeed. I’ve raised many questions here but I sincerely believe that they are valid. Confidence can bring you so far and it will take an equal amount of effort to translate that confidence into sales of the game.

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