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Published on February 28th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


The Vicious MMO Cycle

This cycle can pretty much be applied to anything you yearn for in life.

Stage 1: Find a New MMO

You need to be on top of the latest and the newest “next big WoW killer”. This is where is all begins.

Stage 2: Obsess over the MMO

Developer’s diary? Check.

Fan site trawling? Check.

Know all the NPCs by name and even those that were killed? Check.

Don’t forget to follow the main game’s Facebook page, Twitter account and all the developers’ personal Twitter accounts as well.

Stage 3: Play the Beta, Love the Beta

This is where all the hard work stalking all the free giveaways pays off. If you submitted only one computer dxdiag, you are a noob. Pros do it with 5. FIVE DIFFERENT COMPUTERS! The initial experience blows you away and you lust for more.

Step 4: Play the Release, Hate the Release

Shell out $60 bucks on launch day and powerlevel yourself to level cap. Burnt out in the process and realize that there is no end game. If there is an end game, your friends are still ‘taking their time to level’. You proceed to deck yourself out with gear and reroll a new character.

Step 5: Quit

The game takes up too much of your time. It is ‘no longer fun’. The developers did not ‘implement what was promised’. Your class gets nerfed. I prefer <insert random MMO name> or <insert random MMO name> did it better.

Start back at Step 1 again.

This post was inspired by this video and I think I have an unhealthy hobby.

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