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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Quick Look

This is how society breaks down. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is here to ensure that we have now moved from tending virtual farms and skyscrapers to rebuilding Springfield after Homer Simpson ‘accidentally’ destroys the town after spending too much time on his MyPad as shown in the opening sequence.

The game is exactly like how many casual builder games are like combined with The Simpsons IP. The closest comparison would be Smurf’s Village and it is equally addictive.

Just starting out the game, I found myself starting at the screen just waiting for my payday of experience and cash. The more buildings you have, the more frequent the payout and the faster you would level. And the process repeats itself. The unlocking/leveling process is what gets you really hooked. Combined with the fact that you would not be collecting generic minions, players of Tapped Out would be working hard to unlock the characters from the Simpsons TV show.

Here’s what I really liked about the game. Unlike most, The Simpsons: Tapped out gives players short term objectives largely based on the desires of the characters that you have presently unlocked. At my low level, Lisa desires for Silvertongue from Cletus’s Farm, a task that takes 8 hours to complete. I like the way where the tasks system provides players with goals for a small reward as opposed to simply staring at the screen waiting for the interval payout. If this sounds familiar, you most probably have played the recent iterations of The Sims also by EA.

For the impatient, tasks in the game can be spent by consuming donuts. Players earn donuts from leveling up and by completing tasks. Otherwise, they may also purchase donuts via the game’s online store, Origin.

Even while the game is idle, the developers seem to know that they have crafted a work of art. After a brief moment of inactivity, the game’s UI would disappear and show off your Springfield in all it’s cartoon glory. The art production is a perfect replication of the Springfield we are all familiar with from television.

Similarly, I enjoy hearing how the characters react when given a task. So far each character has a vocal response which adds a very nice touch to the game. I do suspect however as time goes on the responses could turn into annoyances.

Injecting from gamer opinion from here: The Simpsons: Tapped Out is probably EA’s way of gaining a critical mass of user accounts for their Origin system. They have tried to challenge Steam but lacking the killer application to encourage gamers to sign up for the service has seen them ‘lose steam’ against their rival (do pardon the pun, hur). This game is the perfect opportunity for EA to capture the large casual gaming community.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a very polished product and EA has been able to properly incorporate all the elements that have made such casual sims popular into one pretty package. I feel that everyone should give it a go but, please, don’t blame me for lost time or money spent on doughnuts!

Grab the game from the Singapore app store!

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