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SWTOR – The End Game

I’m done with SWTOR. I’ve just unsubscribed just as the game is finally making an official release in this region and Singapore.

Surprisingly, I’m leaving the game not because of flaws but rather I felt that I’ve pretty much experienced what the game has to offer and I don’t think I would want to stick around and pay a subscription fee while Bioware works things out.

Technically, the game is good. There’s little lag, runs fine on my computer and it’s actually pretty awesome all round.

So why the hell am I leaving the game??

I purchased a digital copy back in November and since then leveled an Operative to 50, a Trooper to 40, ran all the Heroic Flashpoints on the Empire Side and PVP-ed a lot. There is plenty the game offers but somehow it misses the mark for me to stay in the game.

Like mentioned previously and all over the Internet, the single player aspect of the game is fantastic. Voice acting adds a good touch to the narration. But, you do not pay a rolling subscription for a single player game.

The MMO model is based on the fact that because it is paid, the game has to get better over time. At least this is my view.

Maybe I’m just averse to the monotony that MMOs offer in general these days. The experience in SWTOR in terms of PVE is pretty much found in many other MMOs as well. The more dungeons you run the more loot you get the more powerful you become. The formula is simple. Whether or not one has the stamina to repeat these actions largely depends on how much patience he has. Apart from that there is little I can say about SWTOR that does not exist already in other games.

Unfortunately, I am not the type of player who would reroll multiple classes just to experience the story which is the main draw of SWTOR.

Missing is a mechanic that makes it stands out from other MMOs these days. I do, however, have to praise the way some classes are designed. Namely, the Bounty Hunter / Trooper & Imperial Agent / Smuggler class. In both classes, players are encouraged not to spam their skills but instead learn to manage the class resources well. The harder you spam your skills with little regard, the faster you become a sitting duck in PVP or redundant in PVE.

Overall, I love the combat in SWTOR. I love how I manage my global cooldowns more in SWTOR as opposed to WoW where I spammed keys in sequential order. From what I’ve observed, in most classes, there is an emphasis to skills that are instantly refreshed upon using another skill. Go over zealous with the button spamming and you would easily see yourself fall behind in dps or heals via global cooldown starvation

Apart from these 2 points, SWTOR is pretty much a WoW alternative in a different setting.

What really broke it for me was the PVP aspect of the game. At level 50, everyone would head to Ilum to check out the world PVP zone but in actual fact its a zone where players farm each other for Valor. Valor is the PVP experience bar. The more objectives you capture, the more the Valor game. And that’s about it!

Does it make an impact to the game? Nope. Is there loot to be found? Nope. So why do people head there? Because it’s the faster way to gain PVP ranks to level 60 in which you need to wear the gear purchased with Commendations. More grind, yay!

You gain commendations from participating in Warzones (Battlegrounds for WoW players) and use them to buy gear. And that’s another

Ladies and gents, Ilum PVP:

So where am I headed after SWTOR? Well, currently I’ll be checking out Warhammer 40k, the tabletop offline, I have Kingdoms of Amalur but the ultimate prize goal would be Guild Wars 2.

Instead of factions duking out on the same server, it would be a three way fight between SERVERS and, best of all, it will be free to play!


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