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Playstation Vita – Singapore Launch! 3G too!

If you so happen to have some time to spare today, do head down to 313 Somerset Ground Floor to check out the launch festivities for the Sony Playstation Vita at 5pm today, 22 February 2012.

Present on ground would be a few big wigs that you may have the opportunity to say “Hi!” to if you’d like.

Among them would be the Chairman of Sony Entertainment Hong Kong, Tetsuhiko Yasuda, and the designer of Wipeout 2048, Michael Humphrey.

Anyway, let’s get right down to business.

You can actually get the consoles now at a cheaper price at, even the 3G models are in stock with local warranty*!

With so many options, what should one get?

IMHO, start with the Wifi model (3G puts more drain on the battery), and a 16GB memory card (mandatory to save games). Now, what games to buy next?

The safest bet would be between Uncharted and Rayman: Origins.

For something closer to “Mario” (which is a common question) Rayman: Origins is the best title I would suggest.

Next, do also consider Wipeout 2048 and Lumines

A fair bit of warning though, these 2 games can be pretty tough on the difficulty side.

And of course, how can we ever forget the all time Singaporean favourite, FIFA.

Not convinced with my recommendations? Do check out the Playstation Vita Launch guide by Qisahn. I would also suggest checking out the ratings for the games you are eyeing via Metacritic for a more holistic view of a title’s critical reception.

I would be posting up snippets of the interview with Michael Humphrey, designer of Wipeout 2048 shortly.

Remember not to overspend, there is always a second hand market to trade in with fellow gamers and as the PS Vita is region free, you might also want to check out video game sites overseas as well.

* Edit: Do clarify in store with regards to the warranty offered with this model. While I cannot speak for the store on an official capacity, buyer do beware. I’ve been informed to keep the receipt as an extra precaution this time round.

Edit 2: No official warranty for the 3G Vita sold (they are still HK sets). If it does not work out, Qisahn will take over responsibility [Source]

Edit 3: No Game No Talk Sums up the entire issue very nicely

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  • yunhen3350

    how do we verify the 3G model’s official since Sony never state any of it yet.

    • geraldchan

      No worries as I’m pretty sure Qisahn will be able to honor their agreement but I guess in this case it would be good to hang on to your receipt

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