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Picking A Good Name for your MMO Character Because Legolas is a Bad Name!

How to my MMO character? What should I name my MMO character?

One of the few things that fledgling players of MMOs should be choosing the right name for your character. After all, you do not want to name your kid something that would be made fun of by his friends. Hence, why should you do the same for your online character?

More often that not, many players then to choose very poor names for themselves. Whether it is through the lack of creativity or otherwise, there is no excuse to call your Dwarf Warrior “SnugglieBunnie”. Crappy names sound horrible to be called out at as well. Imagine your raid leader having to scream your in game name of comms; talk about awkward situations.

Here are just a few tips on choosing the “right” name for your character:

Anagram your name

If I go with GERALDCHAN, I probably could go with something like Clad Rehang or something of the sort. Doesn’t sound too bad! You do not necessarily need to use all the characters in your name. If need be just add or drop a few characters.

Add or Replace Characters in Your Name

This method is rather tricky and requires a fair amount of creativity. Gerald could turn into Jorold or Gehald (which is actually pretty meh) but it’s still better than calling yourself….

Some Name from a Fantasy Novel/Movie/Game

How many goblins have you seen name Squee (Magic the Gathering) or Warriors called Aaaragon or some iteration using the previous step. I once had a Death Knight on my server calling herself Lickkinglady. Okay. In this day and age, calling yourself after a popular DoTA hero or some Korean Pop idol is pretty terrible honestly.

Use a name from another culture

There are so many other cultures that use the same anglo characters as English. So why not try some Teutonic or Gaelic names? This is by far the easiest and my favourite method of all.

Name Generate It!

Many MMOs these days come with a random name generator and some of the options are actually pretty good! But if your preferred game does not have this feature, you may want to try one of these fantasy or sci-fi name generators.

The journey with your character is often a long one so you should always pick one that sounds good and fits well together with the class or role that you are playing. Similarly, this name would be the same one that you will be associated by. Your path to being a legendary character starts from the moment you pick your name. So make it count.

Happy randomizing!

[Comic from Penny Arcade]

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