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2012 ESRB Penny Arcade Campaign

In the US, the rating system is serious business. Compared to what we have locally by the Media Development Authority (MDA), the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is pretty serious when it comes to advising parents which video games are suitable for their kid.

However, do note that the ratings are more an advisory guideline more than anything else. The system that is used in Singapore is a blanket ban on customer who is under the age of 18 from purchasing a game.

I guess both methods have their merits and it is still pretty much down to the parent to enforce. I’ve seen kids walk out of the store and come back with their parents to purchase Dante’s Inferno. Demonic boobs, guess it can’t be that bad /shrug

Anyway, the ESRB is pretty serious about such stuff. They even made an app for parents to check on a game on mobile devices!

Check out the rest of the latest collaboration between the ESRA and Penny Arcade:

I’m biased towards Penny Aracde so I’d thought I would give them a plug.

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