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MyRepublic Launches Gamer Centric Fiber Plan

With five Fiber Internet service providers in Singapore for non-businesses, consumers have plenty of options when it comes to jumping on the fastest network available.

MyRepublic is the latest kid on the block and they plan to target the gaming community specifically with their Gamer Fiber Plan which costs $69/month.

Ping, latency or lag is pretty much the decisive factor especially when it comes to gaming. Back in the day, it mattered very much especially for Counter-Strike when the lag meant being the killer or the killed. Many a player would attest to have had the opponent in their scope and they had pressed the fire button earlier.

However, the gaming landscape has changed pretty much since those days.

Now, games that require a good Internet connection are pretty much focused on MMORPGs in general. FPS games like Call of Duty have gone peer to peer, and Battlefield still rely on dedicated servers, and with local dedicated servers available, players are able to obtain a playable ping even if they are on a less than ideal speed. Starcraft and MoBAs like LoL, have local servers as well. So, online gaming, actually, has never been in a better position.

MMORPGs, however, still have their main bulk of the servers in overseas locations. For example, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has their servers in America and in Europe. To get the best experience, Singaporean players are encouraged to roll their characters on a US West based server.

So what kind of pings are we able to experience for games like World of Warcraft & SWTOR? Straight from the horse’s mouth:

But of course, many other factors may affect your latency, you can’t always have it perfect.

In my experience, even with a tunneling service, it would be hard to see < 200ms for WoW. Currently, my ping in SWTOR hovers in the high 200ms region. The lag is pretty visible and affects mainly Casters and is especially obvious when you are trying to interrupt someone in PVP.

So, would the Gamer price plan be worth it? Well, I cannot be certain until I”ve actually tried the service. But at that price, it may be worth considering if your current ADSL/Broadband contract is up. Additionally, MyRepublic claims to “not throttle BitTorrent downloads” as well which is especially good when patch day arrives for WoW. I mean what else do you use BitTorrent for right?

In retrospect, how I wish there were such plans back when my guild was attempting Reliquary of Souls.

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  • Charles

    i would love to hit sub-200ms to US servers. Would Myrepublic be willing to share their peers for us to peek at their routing?

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