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Will Gaming Journalism (Not Writing) Turn Honest?

Hopefully it would get better but speculating is pure garbage so I will just continue this post as a simple report.

Sometime in April 2011, a team of editors left Engadget to form what is now known as The Verge to focus on tech.

In January 2012, something similar happened but now focused on gaming.

Yay? Time will tell. Vox Media. The Verge. Unannounced gaming site (Now know was Vox Games in the interim). These are the names to watch at the start of the year.

I cannot say I am a big fan of The Verge’s layout, I prefer articles short like the ones found on Wirecutter. Short and sweet just like my attention span.

[Image Credit to Kvikken]

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  • Drew Pan

    Is any journalism honest?

    • Anonymous

      I know everyone has a agenda to fulfill but I guess we will have to settle with the one that is closest to the truth..

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