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The Imperial Agent Operative / Smuggler Scoundrel – Initial Thoughts & PvP Insights

The Imperial Agent and Smuggler Scoundrel are mirror classes for the Empire and Republic respectively, their abilities are exactly the same just named differently. I would be referring to Operative more frequently as that would be the class that I am playing at the moment.

The Imperial Agent is a good class with unique mechanics but it gets all weird once you are able to select your Alternate Class.

The first 10 levels of the Imperial Agent, eases you into the Cover system. The Cover system as the name implies, means you would be hiding behind a wall of sorts and take out enemies from far. Think of it as a chance for enemies attacks to hit the “Cover” instead of yourself. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of mobility.

As I had went into a healer spec Imperial Agent, I went from long ranged badass to a stealthy back stabbing healer. Sounds weird? It is.

As seen above, the Operative gets 2 DPS trees and one healing tree.

The healing angle of the Operative is that he is able to keep his allies up with heals over time. While he still has normal castable heals, they put an immense drain on his resources over a long period of time. The key heal for the Operative is obtained at level 20.

My small gripe with this class is that while it initially starts off as a ranged sniping character and then morphs into a melee one. I felt that key skills required for PVP, do not really gel.

After all as a healer, you would be focused fired a lot and in most cases, you would be given tools to run away. I do understand that I am able to specialize my character to gain more mobility but that would be at a serious expense to obtaining the heal that defines the class early on. Here’s what is wrong with this class – The core Crowd Control skills have too short a range!

One may argue that giving a class ranged kiting abilities would make it broken, but many melee classes have the ability to close gaps easily, why do ranged classes not have the ability to open them wider. As you can see these are the two core skills that are used to escape from assailants as of level 22:

Slightly out of melee range. 5 targets in close proximity.

Melee range. Single Target.

Be prepared to die, many times over once opponents catch wind of you being a healbot. This is especially the case in Hutt Ball as there is a lack of space to run around to kite opponents. I feel that the Operative, or maybe myself, really shines in the other 2 Operations with more walls to run around and with wider spaces.

I hope to be able to post up gameplay videos of my healing for critique soon in an effort to learn my class better.

Bottom line, at level 22, the Operative is a good healer but does not really shine at the early levels, that honor from what I’ve seen belongs to the Bounty Hunter / Trooper.

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