Published on January 30th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


SWTOR Level 50 Healing Operative Gameplay – Daily PVP Run

This would be my first ever streaming video and there are still many kinks to work out. Thankfully, the set up process was rather straightforward and the quality of the finished product tells me that I really do need a new graphics card soon. And probably an improved broadband connection as well.

It takes my about 1 hour and 20 mins to get the daily done, which is win 3 warzone matches. In that time I was able to participate in 2 Huttballs & 1 Voidstar.

I am currently decked out in 7 pieces of Champion gear and at this juncture hitting the 300k healed amount depends largely on the length of the match and how geared my healing target is.

The main action starts at 14:00, 35:00 and 59:00 min mark.

My some stroke of luck, I was able to complete all games with a winning streak. Doesn’t really happen that often.


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