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STEAM Moves From PC to iOS/Android Platforms

In classic fashion, Valve’s STEAM is now available on iOS & Android devices and Half Life 2: Episode 3 is still no where in sight.

To all PC gamers, STEAM is the go-to place for most titles these days and Valve is regarded as the Google of the PC gaming industry in that they can “do no wrong”. Praises are high for the platform, and I myself, love the platform to bits.

Awesome sales with amazing prices help of course.

But why would Valve want to venture out of their comfort zone and release an App for mobile devices? After all, Apple does not like other applications doing the selling for them. Extending to keep the community engaged is the natural thing to do but could it be that Valve and Apple have worked out some sort of agreement? Perhaps gamers are to purchase the games on their desktop before proceeding to play them on their mobile device. OnLive is already on an ambitious task to take a first swing at this model.

The decision for Valve to move onto the mobile gaming market is a shrewd and wise choice. Year-on-year the mobile gaming market has grown at a healthy and steady pace. This has prompted many, many other publishers, especially those not naturally found in the mobile gaming realm, such as EA, to release games to tie in together with their flagship console releases. If there is a blockbuster hit coming out on the PS3, you are sure to find a similar one on the iOS as a complement. Rage HD is an excellent game, and I dare say better than the console / PC version.

What does Valve have to offer to gamers and developers if Apple is against in app game purchases? Even before the release of STEAM, indie developers have been able to carve out a niche for themselves without the intervention of Valve.

So what gives Valve? And where’s Half Life 2: Episode 3?

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