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Star Wars The Old Republic – The Journey to 50

Sometime way back I was in a conundrum. SWTOR is very much like WoW, so what would compel me to recommend it to anyone else? After hitting 50, I loved the experience and would introduce the game to anyone who has the time to spare.

No Ogre suits here. Possibly the only 'cute' quest in the game

Honestly, I cannot be writing a ‘serious’ review. If you are looking for those, these are the best I’ve found thus far. I would recommend the reviews from The Escapist and Damn Lag.

I started SWTOR sometime in 20 December 2011 and hit level 50 (the max level) on 15 January 2012. In between, I had taken a break of a week which held back my progress. Eventually, I had achieved my goal in roughly 6 days of playtime. In that time, I focused primarily on PVP early on and PVE for the final stretch.

In my road up the levels, I was able to well afford all my skills which is an incredible cash sink. Something rarely found in an MMO. Often than not, players are left less than self sufficient until much further down the road. Hats off to Bioware in this aspect.

Considering the amount of time spent in Warzones, my PVP rank was a respectable level 42 when I hit level 50. Only 48 more to go.

Allow me to step back and explain that there are 4 kinds of levels that one achieves in SWTOR.

  • Player Level – Everyone will have to max this out to get to the endgame
  • PVP Rank – Caps at 100, earned through PVP
  • Space Missions – More missions open up with player level and ship upgrade level
  • Social Rank – Earned through questing in a party when a player wins a ‘roll’ during conversations

In any combination of PVP, PVE, and space missions, you will be able to hit level 50 eventually.

I’ve learnt that grouping up in as big a group as possible (maximum of 4) would be the best and fastest way to level. Unlike other games, there is no dilution of experience points but experience increases as much as four-fold when partied up with 3 other people.

This is what makes SWTOR fun.

With the exception of Space Missions, being grouped up to tackle quests or to queue together for PVP makes the game way more enjoyable and encourages social interaction which is the core proponent, in my opinion, that makes MMOs enjoyable!

In my final race to 50, I made it a point to gather as many players as possible at the start of the zone of tackle quests. The fastest level that I actually had was from level 49 to 50 which was completed in a mere 3 hours. Think of the time that I had wasted soloing quests since then.

All one has to do is to be patient and ask.

Rest assured, this game can be played purely single player (if you choose to) and it gets better with more players so why miss out?

I found that the sound effects in SWTOR are simply amazing. It comes to the point that each time I get a new blaster rifle, I cannot wait but to fire it to hear how it sounds.


Voice acting in the game once again is a very nice touch. Its appeal is greater on those intent on taking their time through the game. However, the gloss is lost on those who rush through the game. I recommend watching the Class quest cut scenes as those have the most ‘soul’ in them.

While it remains a key differentiator, it still lacks the ‘pull’ appeal for someone from another MMO to try SWTOR? Hard to find is the statement, “I played SWTOR because I love voice acting NPCs.” We’re getting there but just not quite.

As much as I despite commuting, SWTOR gives players ample opportunity to explore the deserts of Tatooine to the graphic card killing Hoth.

Almost post card perfect. And this is on low graphical settings. I can’t wait to see how high would actually look!

Still deliberating whether to get the game? Buy first, think later, SWTOR is in it for the long run.

Surprisingly, the game can be got on the cheap at a mere $79. Still pricy compared to PC games in general but is definitely a cheaper initial buy compared to Diablo 3.

But there are serious concerns now with regards to the end game side of things now…






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