Published on January 19th, 2012 | by Gerald Chan


Patch 1.1 Breaks SWTOR PVP

Very rarely does a patch regress a game more than progress it but Bioware has done it with SWTOR.

In its previous reiteration, PVP was a farce. Now, it’s an even bigger farce which is drastically slanted to one faction.

This was how end-game PVP looked liked before:

And this is how it is now for the underpopulated Republic faction:

While the patch does address the issue of the lack of combative play, it takes out the ‘fun’ for one side.

Does that mean that the galactic war is now over? Threats of users cancelling their subscriptions are resonating out on the official forums. After all, the game is just close to its first month anniversary in action.

I thought the idea of a patch was to make things better, not make things worse.

You are able to get a sense of action over at the official forums. Do take it with a large amount of salt though, many on the forums are over dramatizing their problems if they are on the Empire side of things.

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