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Level 34: The SWTOR Experience Thus Far

At the brink of hitting level 35, I thought I’d take the foot off the pedal for a brief moment to describe how star wars has been the past few levels.

I’ll try to be brief cos long posts are long. And boring.

PVE wise I think I was not right in the head when I decided to go full healer build. Killing mobs at my level, combined with a tanky companion makes for survivability mass mob pulls but the speed of which they go down makes me want to strangle myself.

PVP, however, is where my Imperial Agent Operative really shines. Not many healer spec players on their way up to 50 hence I do get rewarded with many MVP votes apparently which rewards a player with more Credits ($), Valor (PVP Rank XP) and Commendations (Tokens to buy gear). Remember how I said the Operative had growing pains? They really do start shining way higher up. Painful transition in between though.

The Imperial Agent story has been rather, in all honesty, lacking. For a game that touts itself as a good single player experience, there’s no doubt in that but the Imperial Agent story must be one of the poorer ones as compared to the other classes. I’ve heard that the Bounty Hunter one is rather good as goes the same with the Sith Marauder. Voice acting is overrated. Seriously. Or maybe I’ve spent too much time PVP-ing.

This comic pretty much sums up my PVE experience:

I’ve PVP-ed so much that my Valor rank always matches my current level and I’m capped in terms of commendations all the time. Blessed with a good PVP pop timer, I hardly have the chance to spend 10 minutes questing. I run with 3 fairly regular groups of 50s, so it really does makes things easier. Healbots get plenty of love.

34 levels in and the verdict? SWTOR is still a fun game to play. That is until I hit 50 where I hope things do not get ugly.

More updates to come and I really NEED to go edit my video captures.

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