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Diablo III Will Have Region Locked Auction Houses

And a collective cry of goldfarming industries ring out across the galaxy in pain! This news bite would impact players from Singapore, Australia and the rest of South East Asia.

I saw this update from the good people over at No Game No Talk who chanced upon this important piece of news.

Simply put, based on the official FAQ, whatever item is obtained within a region’s server will go onto that region’s auction house. Hence the collective cry from all the goldfarmers worldwide. After all, the most efficient way to access both servers would be to grab a copy of the South East Asian edition which would allow players to access both North American and South East Asian servers.

In my experience with online economies, with no shred of stereotypes or racism, would be that Caucasian gamers often fall on the side of “Demand” and Asian gamers would be the “Supply”. Seeing that now that loot would be restricted, we would not be able to see a true online global economy take place for virtual items. Pity. The biggest draw of Diablo III would be its Real Money Auction house, literally paying real life cash for that sword that you would like to slay demons with. Blizzard, of course, takes a small piece of the pie.

But why would Blizzard want to lock items to specific servers? Won’t a global auction house lead to an even greater volume of trade and transactions? The potential prospect of using the auction house for money laundering comes to mind. It’s not unheard of in the world of MMORPGs, and it could get worse when illegal activities are carried out on a video game platform, something Blizzard would definitely not want happening.

All matters considered, I guess things would just be more expensive on the North American Diablo III servers while the SEA servers will be cheaper overall. Economics!

By the way, if you are still considering a Collector’s Edition of Diablo III SEA edition, please be prepared and order early. If all remains constant, the supply for each video game store could see each receiving less than 10 copies each. Try your luck at, no promises though!


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