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Review: League of Legends – Thanks for the Memories

Before I moved onto World of Warcraft, I played plenty, PLENTY of Dota. That era spanned from late 2003 to early 2005. And, I was happy to get out of it.

Like Dota, League of Legends (LoL) can be severely imbalanced. New heroes are released on a regular basis and these tend to be pretty overpowered right out of the door. Nerfs do follow pretty fast.

However, the true draw that LoL has over Dota would be that teamwork really does matter. Back in the day of Dota, a single ‘carry’ hero would be able to clear an entire team. No such thing in LoL, which is what makes it really awesome.

After a good 4 – 5 months with LoL, I firmly believe that the Moba genre has taken a progressive step in the right direction. I’ve heard similar good things about Heroes of Newerth as well. Unfortunately, I have not been able to give the game a thorough run and hence am unable to comment how the two stack up against each other.

I would give a quick rundown of the game as people generally do not like reading lengthy reviews anymore.

Why You Should Play LoL

  • It’s free!
  • A good variety of heroes, each rather unique in abilities
  • Amazing HUGE roster
  • Clean UI. This aspect is very understated. When the action is heavy, you will be able to see distinctly how the battle is being played out in a very generous field of view.
  • Heroes have rather defined roles. Tanks. Support. Ranged DPS. Melee DPS. Neutral creepers. All have a part to play in the overall metagame.
  • Relatively mature community. E.g During team select, players generally like to build teams around each others’ choices. Hence, you rarely have too many of a hero that fulfills a similar role.
  • Did I mention it’s free?

Why You Should Not Play LoL

  • If you grew to dislike Dota, there really isn’t much to see here. Apart from new heroes, players each get additional spells to use at their disposal apart from the ones that the select hero has, which lends a fair amount of strategy. The con? May be too many buttons for one to press.
  • If you like to Pwn, even the biggest damage dealing character is able to do so in a 6 – 7 second window. Good enough for the rest of the team to take you out. You would prefer Dota.
  • The leveling aspect can be rather grindy. Good abilities really start to shine through in the twenties. Level cap is 30.
  • Teamwork. If you do not have it, this game is frustrating to yourself and your teammates.
  • Imbalance. With so many heroes, it is a tricky aspect to balance all these out. Some heroes may go months without a fix. This is especially true to underpowered heroes that end up underplayed.
  • Community. Avoid the school holidays. Ugh.

Getting to level 30 is just the beginning. For the more hardcore players, there’s ranked matches that pits players of similar skill level against each other in a ladder. Then there’s all those heroes that you have to unlock. It feels like Pokemon but more tedious.

I hit level 30 in a span of 5 months with very erratic play. Overall, the experience was relatively good and LoL is always best played together with friends.

Do check out the game here.

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